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 Our Best Growafrog Habitat Ever!!!

Tube City is now proudly available for your Growafrog. It is made of Plexiglass... Not glass... So it's KID-SAFE. It's 12 gallons BIG, plenty big enough for any Growafrog (or Growafrogs!!). It is also completely expandable... You may literally make it as large as you wish. The tube is 4 inches wide so any Growafrog can relax and go for a swim any time they choose... Dimensions 2 1/2 ft long x 1 ft wide. x 1 ft. high.

These magnificent Habitats are now available in your choice of beautiful shiny colors Lime Green, Pond Blue, Citylights Red... the very vivid LillyPadPink… The very purple Pop'n Purple, standard SplashBlack and WhiteHouse plus Yellow, and Orange, too! They include 'Sky-dome' pentagon angled covers at no extra charge. As you know, Growafrogs become active and 'jump' during low pressure atmospheric events such as thunderstorms. Our 'Sky Dome' will assure that your frog has 'room to jump' and will not hurt it's nose on a cover!

We are offering Tube City in two versions... With, and without filters. If you happen to have well water and can easily change the water then you do not need a filter at all. Of course, if you would like the convenience of filters they are available, too. Both Tube City Kits include 6 lbs of Growafrog Habitat Soil, Large Size Water Crystals, and clear acrylic lids. The filter version includes the optional dual Growafrog filters and double pump...     

Tube City Habitat Kit only $109.95 + S&H         

Tube City Habitat Kit. (with pump and filters) only $129.95 + S&H