Big ‘n Hoppy

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Big 'n Hoppy


If you have a LARGER Growafrog, our BIG 'n Hoppy Habitat is available for your frog. It is made of Plexiglass... not glass... so it's KID-SAFE. It's 5 gallons BIG, plenty big enough for any Growafrog (or Growafrogs!!), yet is practical enough to fit nicely in your home without a cumbersome and expensive wrought iron stand. Dimensions 11 in. x 11 in. x 12 inches high.                                   

These magnificent Habitats are 'display quality' - just like those shiny, shimmering plexiglass displays you see in department stores. Available in beautiful colors - Lime Green, Pond Blue, CityLights Red... the very vivid LillyPadPink... The very purple Pop'n Purple...Hop'on Orange...and standard SplashBlack and WhiteHouse.        

All the extra's you want and need are also included in this complete offering. Growafrogs are 'semi - nocturnal.' Your frog prefers to naturally avoid sun and stay in the comfort of shade. Our gorgeous pentagon angled Shade Dome Cover is included at no extra charge to keep your Growafrog feeling safe and secure all the time. You'll also receive color matching Habitat Soil, Growafrog-Safe filter redesigned to fit seamlessly with your BIG 'n Hoppy (includes a pump and tubing), clear gallon bucket with EZ Clean lid to make water simple, Water Crytsals with 'cool' Growafrog 'Hoppy Scoop' - and palm tree Decoplant and seashells, too!

In other words, it includes everything you need to keep your Big "n Hoppy Growafrog... well... BIG 'n Hoppy.

BIG 'n Hoppy Habitat Kit only $39.95 + S&H