Big ‘n Hoppy


Larger frog habitat.
Great Habitat for Larger Growafrogs.

Most Growafrogs grow to about half dollar body size. Just like people, every now and then you’ll get one that’s a lot bigger than the rest. If you do… its time for BIG ‘N Hoppy.

This stunning ‘kid-safe’ Plexiglass habitat… available in Lime Green, Pond Blue, City lights Red and Splash Black, WhiteHouse and LillyPad Pink opaques is 5 gallons.. a good choice for larger Growafrogs. Of course, it’s a complete kit and includes matching color filter and Habitat Soil. Large Water Crystals included, too.

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Lime Green, Pond Blue, City Lightst Red, Splash Black, White House, Lilly Pad Pink, Pop’n Purple, Leap’in Lemon, Hop’on Orange